Journeying through the Merri Creek Trail feels like flipping through a beautifully illustrated book, where each chapter offers something novel. Meandering for 21km, from the cascading sights at Dights Falls to the Western Ring Road, it’s not just a walking trail; it’s an experience.

Starting in the northern suburb of Fawkner, adjacent to the Western Ring Road trail, the adventure begins. This northern tip sets the stage for what’s to come, with its serene ambience and promise of raw, untouched nature. As you journey south, you’ll weave through Reservoir, known for its quaint charm and friendly locals, many of whom are canine.

Walking path at Merri Creek Trail.

Coburg arrives next, presenting the tranquil vibes of Coburg Lake. Watch the sunlight glinting off the water, creating a tableau of reflections – a perfect pause point for you and your dog to soak in the views. Coburg North is where the walking trail offers its first taste of raw suburban charm before meandering into Preston.

By the time you hit Northcote, the trail's character subtly shifts. The parklands here act as nature’s lounge rooms, perfect for picnics or just lounging around. It’s a seamless dance into Clifton Hill, where the Merri Creek Trail takes a brief, playful twirl with the Main Yarra Trail.

View of Merri Creek just off the bank.

The journey doesn’t stop there. Descending into Fitzroy North and then Brunswick East, you get to witness the creek's changing moods, from placid reflections to ripples of excitement. Finally, Thornbury acts as the finishing touch to this diverse suburban tapestry, reminding one of the bond between urbanity and nature.

Dog Park Detours

Quarries Park and Ramsden Street Reserve (Clifton Hill)

These two parks are like the dynamic duo of doggy destinations. While Quarries Park flaunts its breathtaking scenery, Ramsden Street Reserve shows off its pristine lawns. Together, they’re the dream team, ensuring every pup has its day!

One of the many Off-Leash Areas at Qaurries Park Clifton Hill. Pleanty of trees, green grass and shade

Merri Park and Kirkdale Park (Northcote)

Stepping into Northcote’s Merri and Kirkdale Parks feels like walking into a dog’s dream. Grassy fields beckon for chase, trees provide the best sniffing spots, and the shaded areas? Perfect for that post-playtime nap. No wonder it’s a fan favorite among the local furry celebs!

Roberts Reserve and Jones Park (Brunswick East):

Tucked away in the heart of Brunswick East are two hidden gems: Roberts Reserve and Jones Park. It's like the city threw a surprise party for dogs! Whether your pup is looking for fellow four-legged pals or just a game of fetch, these parks are the local's choice for some tail-wagging fun.

Egan Reserve (Coburg)

Ah, Egan Reserve! It's like nature decided to roll out a green carpet just for our dogs. Lush, expansive, and ever-inviting, it’s the go-to escape for dog owners craving a hint of wilderness amidst the urban hustle.

Jackson Reserve (Coburg North):

Ahoy, pupper parents of Coburg North! Jackson Reserve is that sprawling slice of canine heaven you've been scouting for. A rambunctious rendezvous for Rover or a shady snooze spot for Spot – whatever the woof-heart desires, it's all in this local favorite.

Moomba Park (Fawkner)

A doggie wonderland set in Fawkner, Moomba Park is where every tree tells a story and every open space awaits a game of fetch. It's a blend of adventure and tranquility, making both tails and hearts flutter with excitement.

Culture and History

The story of Merri Creek isn’t a recent one. The Wurundjeri people, its original guardians, have woven a rich tapestry of history, culture, and spirituality here over countless millennia. As you walk, it's an honor to tread softly upon these sacred soils, feeling the echo of ancient stories beneath each step.


Positioned to perfection, the Merri Creek Trail weaves its way from Dights Falls to the Western Ring Road, bisecting Melbourne’s vibrant suburbs. Easy access points throughout ensure it’s never a hassle to embark on this trek, whether you're starting from the pristine lakes of Coburg or the bustling streets of Thornbury.