Do you know that feeling when you stumble upon a hidden gem? That's exactly what Thompson Reserve Off-Leash Park is for dog owners. It looks like just another tiny neighbourhood park with a playground and picnic area from the street. But follow the trail winding down the hill, and you'll discover a doggie paradise.

Lush green spaces open up before you, dotted with shady trees and plenty of room to roam. Your pup can run off-leash while you soak up the tranquil bushland setting. It's the ultimate urban escape for city dogs craving a taste of the great outdoors.

Thompson Reserve off-leash park in Avondale Heights

As you wander, the choice is yours. Stick to the upper valley with its scattered trees perfect for a breather, or follow the winding trail down into the valley's heart. Yes, it’s a bit of a hike and might leave you puffing, but the secluded tranquillity makes every step worth it. Not many know about this peaceful pocket, making it an ideal spot for you and your pup to explore without the crowds.

Just keep an eye out as the local wildlife includes spectacular birds and the odd snake in the summertime. And while you're at it, a short stroll can lead you all the way to the Marybrynon River – a picturesque end to a perfect day out with your furry friend.

Thompson Reserve off-leash walking trial in Avondale Heights

Off-Leash Park Amenities

This hidden off-leash park in Avondale Heights keeps things simple. All the amenities are located at the top of the valley, so ensure you have doggy bags and water before venturing down the trails.

For the pups, you'll find:

  • Dog bag dispensers near the entrance, so no excuses for not scooping the poop
  • Water fountains to keep your thirsty mate hydrated

While your furry friend is living their best off-leash life down below, handy amenities are at the top for their humans. Just remember to keep your pooch leashed:

  • A playground for the kids to burn off energy,
  • Shaded picnic areas with BBQs for a pawfect doggy day out

Playground and BBQ area at Thomas Reserve Park

Location & Visiting Thompson Reserve

Thompson Reserve is an off-leash park located in Avondale Heights. It's a peaceful and less crowded spot for dog owners to take their pets. You can find street parking along Thompson Street or North Road, which will give you direct access to the off-leash valley area.

Additionally, the reserve is adjacent to the Marybrynong River Trail, which is perfect for combining off-leash play with a scenic riverside walk. However, please make sure to keep your dogs leashed when using the shared trails, as they are frequently frequented by mountain bikers.