They say the best things come in small packages, and the Reg Marlow Reserve Fenced Dog Park is the epitome of this age-old adage. Tucked away in the heart of Mentone, this compact delight, spanning just about 1000 sq meters, is a serene spot catering especially to those little furry ones with tinier strides or even the ones who'd rather sniff and stroll than race and chase.

Reg Marlow Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Mentone

With a secure fence surrounding it and four entry points placed conveniently at each corner, the park's design is practical and ensures easy access no matter where you are. As you make your way inside, you'll notice that this fenced off-leash dog park, while not sprawling in expanse, is thoughtfully designed. Benches galore, this is a haven for dog parents who like to sit back and watch their fur-babies frolic.

However, let’s address the petite elephant in the room—or park, to be precise. Due to its size and popularity, the grass has seen better days. With a lot of paws scampering around, some areas are more 'au naturel' dirt than lush green. And if Mother Nature decides to send down some showers? Well, let's just say you might have a mud-splattered pup to take home. But hey, more fun for them, right?

Reg Marlow Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Mentone

The trees generously lining the perimeter deserve a special mention. Not just because they're nature's sentinels, but they ensure your pet can play without being baked in the Australian sun.

Park Facilities

The Reg Marlow Reserve has streamlined its facilities to fit its space without compromising on the essentials. The Dog Bag Stations are strategically positioned just outside the fenced dog park gates. And here's a quirky bit - they come with a QR code! Run out of bags? A quick scan, and you can notify the City of Kingston. Talk about community spirit and tech joining forces!

QR Code to notify Kingston Coucil to refill bags

Thirsty pups can hydrate at the Dog Water Station conveniently placed inside the park. For the humans? Claim a seat on one of the many benches scattered throughout. And trust us, there's plenty to go around.

History & Culture

Every patch of land carries whispers of the past. The Reg Marlow Reserve is ensconced in the rich tapestry woven by the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation, the original guardians of this land. Their legacy remains a poignant reminder of the timeless bond between humans and nature.


Situated in Melbourne's south-east suburb of Mentone, the Reg Marlow Reserve enjoys a prime spot on Warrigal Rd. For those driving, Johnson Street graciously offers street parking. If public transport is more your thing, especially if your dog enjoys its comfy container, the 903 Altona bus stops just in front. For more details on traveling with pets, a quick visit to the PTV site should do the trick.