A stone's throw from busy Chapel Street, Princes Gardens offers a laid-back retreat for you and your furry friend. This off-leash park in Prahran is perfect for walking the dog, sitting under shade and soaking in the picturesque scenery.

The park's paved walking trails offer easy access, and you can enter from Little Chapel St, Essex St, and Princess Cl. Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll or a place for your dog to burn off some energy, Princes Gardens is a great place to walk your dog in Prahran.

The park's McClintock Oval features an off-leash area that dips into a grassy bowl surrounded by trees and seating. This setup makes it a great spot to throw the ball and relax while watching your dogs play.

Dog playing off-leash at Princess Gardens in Prahran

Off-Leash Amenities

This public park is a little small, but it is packed with amenities. The off-leash area is well-equipped with:

  • Dog bag dispensers: Conveniently placed dog bag dispensers and bins are located at the entrances, ensuring you can easily clean up after your dog.
  • Dog water stations: Dedicated water fountains are available in the off-leash area to keep dogs hydrated during playtime.
  • Shaded seating areas: Ample shaded seating is available around the perimeter, providing a comfortable spot to relax while keeping an eye on your dog.
  • Public toilets: located central to the park
  • Park lighting: Well-lit areas ensure you and your dog enjoy the off-leash park even in the early evening.

On-Leash Area Amenities

Princes Gardens also offers a range of amenities, including:

  • Sporting and workout areas: Basketball courts, tennis courts and outdoor gym equipment.
  • Playground: perfect for families with kids and dogs, offering fun for everyone.

Covered seating and water fountain at Princess Gardens in Prahrahn

Location & Visiting Princes Gardens, Prahran

Parking is convenient, with a 2-hour lot across the road on Little Chapel St and more street parking along Essex St.

For those using public transport, the nearest services are:

  • Tram route 78 along Chapel Street
  • Tram route 72 along Malvern Road

Remember to follow the pet rules on public transport to ensure a smooth journey.

If you're looking for more places to take your dog in Prahran, The Flying Duck Hotel has a dog-friendly courtyard 20 meters away.