If you're in McKinnon with your pup, the McKinnon Reserve Dog Off Leash Area is a fantastic spot to let them run free. The southern end of the park offers a spacious 200 sqm off-leash area. This space is perfect for energetic dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy open-air playtime. The off-leash area is mainly fenced, offering some secure confinement from the main road and parking areas.

The space is used as a sports field. Please ensure your dog does not disrupt the ongoing activities.

This sporting oval provides a wide, open grassy space ideal for running and playing fetch. The grounds are well-maintained, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your dog. While there isn't much shade in the open area, trees around the borders provide some relief.

McKinnon Reserve Dog Off Leash Area

Amenities at McKinnon Reserve

The off-leash area at McKinnon Reserve makes visiting the park with your dog easy.

Off-Leash Area Amenities

  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Convenient dog bag dispensers are located at the parking entrance, making cleaning up after your dog easy.
  • Dog Water Fountains: Dedicated water fountains are available to keep your dog hydrated.
  • Public Toilets: Accessible at the rear of the sports club rooms in the parking area.
  • Secure Area: Mostly fenced, providing some secure confinement from the main road and parking areas.

On Leash Area Amenities

  • BBQ and Picnic Areas: Great for a family outing, with spots to relax and enjoy a meal while your dog remains on a leash.
  • Playground: Located at the northern end of the reserve, this area is perfect for families with children and dogs on leashes.

McKinnon Reserve Off-Leash Rules

To make the most of your visit to McKinnon Reserve, here are some important rules to keep in mind:

  • Carry a Leash: Always carry a leash, even in off-leash areas.
  • Control Your Dog: Ensure your dog does not worry or threaten any person or animal. If it poses a threat, bring your dog under control immediately.
  • Leash Proximity: Leash your dog within 20 metres of playgrounds, BBQs, picnic areas, sports grounds during events or preparation, and sports facilities like netball courts and outdoor fitness areas.
  • Restricted Areas: Dogs are not allowed in fenced playgrounds and sports and recreation facilities. This includes cricket nets and golf birdie cages.
  • Clean Up: Always pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in the provided bins.

Visiting McKinnon Reserve Park

Bordering the suburbs of Bentleigh and McKinnon. Plenty of parking offered in parking lot located just off Tucker Rd.