Stretching across 8,000 square meters, McIvor Reserve stands as a practical spot fenced dog park in Yarraville. This medium-sized off-leash dog park features simple grassy spaces, interspersed with a good number of trees that offer much-needed shade for dogs and their owners on warm days.

Adding a bit of terrain diversity, there's a rocky mound and ramp within the park, providing an area for dogs to explore and engage in some light climbing.

Dog agility weave poles at McIvor Reserve Fenced Dog Park

One of the highlights of visiting McIvor Reserve is the warm community feel. Yarraville residents boast a reputation for friendliness, guaranteeing a pleasant experience with each visit. If you're craving a pick-me-up, you'll often find Giddy Up Coffee's mobile vendor parked near the park entrance off Francis Street. Take a look at Giddy Up Coffee here.

For those wondering about other parts of McIvor Reserve, you'll be pleased to know that dogs can romp freely in designated areas outside the fence, with the exception of the soccer, hockey, and baseball fields.

It's worth noting that this fenced dog park in Yarraville will see some changes in the future. While there's a plan to upgrade the fenced dog park, it will also come with a slight reduction in its fenced area. For updates and more on this, visit Your City Your Voice.

Grass area at McIvor Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Fenced Dog Park Amenities

Dog Water Station: There's a handy water station where you can fill up a bottle for your thirsty pup after their run.

Dog Bag Dispenser: While there is a dispenser at the park's entry, it might occasionally run empty. As a responsible pet owner, it's always a good idea to have a few dog bags with you just in case.

Seating: The park offers ample seating, making it comfortable for owners to relax while their dogs play.

Dog Agility Elements: You'll find some agility jumps and weave poles in the park. However, they're limited in number, so while they offer a bit of extra fun, it's not quite enough to label McIvor Reserve a full-blown dog agility park.

Dog ramp at McIvor Reserve Fenced Dog Park

A Bit of History & Culture

The land where McIvor Reserve now stands was once territory of the Bunurong people, part of the Kulin Nation. They are the Traditional custodians of this land. When visiting the park, it's important to acknowledge and respect its deeper historical roots.

Location & Visiting

McIvor Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Yarraville has a convenient parking spot located off Francis Street, right adjacent to the fenced dog park area. Additionally, another car park is accessible via Hawkhurst Street for those looking for alternative parking options