J.H. Allan Reserve is an excellent choice if you're looking for a great spot in Keilor East to play with your pup. This local off-leash park in Melbourne is divided into two sections, separated by The Crossway. Let's dive into what makes this park a favourite among dog owners.

The Two Parts of J.H. Allan Reserve

The Easter Part of the reserve features a larger area with mostly fenced sports grounds, including soccer fields. Dog owners prefer this section due to its partially fenced area and nearby amenities. While dogs cannot access the area during planned games and training, the western section offers plenty of space for play. You can easily access the parking lot here via Park Drive.

J.H. Allan Reserve off-leash area

A smaller grassy square with a cricket pitch lies across The Crossway. Trees surround this area, and seating around the edges provides perfect spots for watching your dog play. The famous back street, The Crossway, runs nearby without fencing, so you should ensure your dog has good recall. For your convenience, the area includes a shelter with a table, a bin, and a water tap with a bowl.

J.H. Allan Reserve Amenities

Off-Leash Amenities

J.H. Allan Reserve is well-equipped to make your visit enjoyable:

  • Dog bag dispensers: Conveniently placed dog bag dispensers for easy clean-up
  • Dog water stations: Water fountains to keep your furry friends hydrated

J.H. Allan Reserve dog bag dispensers

On-Leash Amenities

  • Public toilets: Located in the Eastern section by the car park
  • BBQs and Picnic tables: Located in the Eastern section near the playground.
  • Bocce Courts: Located in the Eastern section by the car park

The Eastern section has a playground where dogs are not allowed at any time. Owners must keep their dogs on a leash within 10 metres of playground areas.

Visiting J.H. Allan Reserve

Locals favour this park, but doesn't attract large crowds, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed outing with your dog. Weekend soccer games occupy the fenced soccer field area, but you can still access the western side of the park.

Parking is available around the park or in the parking lot and is accessible via Park Rd.