When you're on the hunt for a spot where your dog can freely run and master new skills, look no further than the Dunns Road Reserve fenced dog park in Mount Martha. Tucked away as a hidden gem in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula, this fenced off-leash dog park boasts a sprawling area a little over 12,000 sq meters, making it the perfect escape for both you and your four-legged friend.

Dogs at the Dunns Road Reserve fenced dog park

One of its standout features is the well-maintained dog agility course. From weave poles, two A-frames, and three pause tables to a dedicated dog walk and three horseshoe-shaped jumps, there's plenty to keep your dog engaged and active. It's no wonder that this fenced dog park in the Mount Martha is a favourite among locals.

Dog agility Park, Mornington Peninsulaa

Safety and security are paramount here. The double-gated entry ensures that your canine companions can play freely without the risk of dashing off. And while your dogs are having the time of their lives, you can enjoy the serene ambiance, thanks to the areas lined with trees offering a relaxing shade.

Moreover, it's not just the amenities that stand out. The Dunns Road Reserve dog park is known for its community of friendly people and sociable dogs. It's a place where both dogs and dog owners can make lasting friendships.

People gathering with their dogs at Dunns Road Reserve fenced dog park

Fenced Dog Park Amenities

Dunns Road Reserve fenced dog park in Mount Martha is not only expansive but also packed with facilities tailored for both dogs and their owners:

  • Fenced Double Gate Entry: A secure entrance for your dog's safety from the moment they step in.
  • Agility Equipment: Dogs can enjoy a variety of agility challenges, from weave poles to A-frames, pause tables, a dog walk, and even horseshoe-shaped jumps.
  • Dog Water Station: Conveniently positioned, this station allows you to fill water bottles, ensuring your pet remains hydrated.
  • Poo Bag Dispenser: Located right at the entry. However, just like any popular spot, they might occasionally run out, so bringing a spare or two is advisable.
  • Plenty of Seating: Sit back and relax while watching your furry friend play. The park offers multiple seating options for your comfort.

Water Station at the Dunns Road Reserve fenced dog park

And just a short distance away in the on-lead area of the park, there are added amenities for a complete day out:

  • Playground: Situated 50m away.
  • BBQ Area: Complete with BBQs and picnic tables, it's a perfect spot for family and friends' days out.
  • Public Toilets: Includes basic public toilets with a disability section.
  • Parking Lot: To ensure a smooth visit, Dunns Road Reserve provides ample parking space for all its visitors.

A Bit of History & Culture

Dunns Road Reserve in Mount Martha holds ancestral significance to the Bunurong people. As we enjoy the park today, let's remember and respect its deep-rooted history.

Location & Visiting 

Nestled in the quiet backstreets of Mount Martha, Dunns Road Reserve offers an oasis for both pets and their owners. Those driving can access the park via a parking lot off Dunns Rd.

For visitors opting for public transport, the 784 bus has a convenient stop nearby on Dunns Rd. If you're bringing along a suitably contained dog, make sure to check the PTV website for guidelines on travelling with pets.