Looking for a park around North Melbourne where your dog can run wild, play to their heart's content, and make some new buddies? Clayton Reserve Fenced Dog Park is the place to be. This well-kept, triangular dog park covers over 7,000 sqm, giving you and your dog lots enough space to play fetch, walk around, or just hang out. The park is a local dog hot spot of fun, inviting you to either join in with a ball game or relax on the grass while your furry friend explores.

Sitting area at Clayton Reserve dog park

At Clayton Reserve dog park, the vibe is all about community. It's where dog owners from Kensington to West Melbourne and right through North Melbourne come to hang out. The park buzzes with well-mannered dogs and owners keen on making everyone's visit enjoyable. It's this sense of community that makes it stand out as a top Melbourne dog park.

The park's thoughtful layout includes trees and shaded seating along the edges, providing perfect spots for owners to relax while keeping an eye on their pets. And for those days when Melbourne's weather decides to surprise us, the park offers a central area with hard-packed gravel. It's ideal for avoiding the mud and still enjoying the outdoors, surrounded by more trees and seating. And In terms of amenities, Clayton Reserve dog park has everything you need for a hassle-free visit.

North Melbourne dog park, Clayton Reserve

Dog Park Amenities at Clayton Reserve

Clayton Reserve Dog Park offers all the amenities needed for a worry-free and enjoyable visit.

  • Fencing: The park is completely surrounded by a secure fence, offering a contained space for your dog to play off-leash with peace of mind.
  • Bag Dispensers: You'll find 2 free dog bag dispensers on either end of the park, making it easy to clean up after your pet. Regular stocking keeps these dispensers full, but bringing a spare bag is smart in case they're temporarily out.
  • Water Station: Essential for keeping your dogs hydrated during their play, a dog water station is conveniently located in the park.
  • Shaded Seating: Plenty of shaded seating, allowing you to relax comfortably while keeping an eye on your dog.
  • Night Lighting: For those early evening visits, the park is equipped with night lighting.

Dog water station ar Clayton Reserve

Location & Visiting Clayton Reserve

Clayton Reserve Dog Park is a favourite spot among local dog owners, especially during weekday afternoons and throughout the weekend. If you prefer a more peaceful visit, midday during the week is your best bet. For those seeking a less busy environment, the Royal Park Off-Leash Area is a great alternative, offering a larger off-leash space.

Free street parking can be found along Gracie Street and Boundary Road. Yet, given the park's popularity, these spots can fill up quickly. Should you find them occupied, nearby backstreets usually provide additional parking options.