Nestled between suburban houses, Armadale Reserve Off-Leash Park offers a cozy space for local dogs and their owners. This small, narrow park is around 2,500 square meters. One side of the park is open, surrounded by a perimeter of trees, creating an excellent area for a game of fetch.

The other side features a fenced playground, ensuring children and dogs can enjoy the park safely. This end of the park has more trees and shrubs, perfect for dogs who love to explore with their noses.

While simple in its offerings, the off-leash park provides essential amenities such as water fountains and dog bag dispensers.

Armadale Reserve Off Leash Park with dog playing

Off-Leash Amenities at Armadale Reserve

  • Dog bag stations: Conveniently placed to encourage responsible dog ownership.
  • Water stations: Ensuring your dog stays hydrated during playtime.
  • Shaded seating areas: Offering a comfortable spot to sit and watch your dog enjoy the park.

Armadale Reserve Off Leash Park sitting area

Off-Lead Park Rules

Many people share open spaces for various activities. When exercising your dog, please remember to:

  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Keep your dog on-lead at all times unless in the designated off-lead area.
  • Keep your dog off garden beds and playgrounds.
  • Carry a lead and always ensure your dog remains controlled and non-threatening.

Failure to follow these rules may result in a fine.

Visiting Armadale Reserve Off-Leash Park

Tucked away in the quiet suburban streets of Armadale, the park can be accessed from both Sutherland Road and Armadale Street. Street parking along these streets is generally available, making it convenient to visit this charming off-leash park.