Ever dream of sharing a burger and a beer with your furry BFF? Kibble and bland biscuits can wait! Bark Road pet store in West Melbourne is shaking things up for your pup, offering drool-worthy baked dog treats that look like human junk food (think burgers, pizza, even Aussie pies!), but made with healthy, dog-friendly ingredients.

Bark Road Dog Burger

Beyond offering fun dog food and treats, they cover all bases with a cool selection of colourful, well-priced dog toys, beds, and mores. Ideal for a dog party, finding a unique gift, or simply spoiling your pup. But a word of caution – you may end up wanting to snag more than just a few items!

This small store packs a big punch, offering a range of dog treats, pet care products, and even grooming services.  Plus, they commit to sustainability by using recycled packaging and sourcing responsibly.  So ditch the boring aisle and head to Bark Road! Your pup will thank you.

Bark Road Dog treats in West Melbourne

Bark Road's Dog Menu: Treats with a Twist

Bark Road offers a menu for dogs that tempts as much as it sounds—imagine burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and even an Aussie favourite pie. Don't let the "junk food" appearance fool you; these dog treats are packed with high-quality nutritious ingredients. Dogs find these treats irresistible, and they come packed with health benefits too. The team at Bark Road carefully crafts each treat to make tails wag and tongues drool with joy.

And what's a meal without a refreshing drink? Enter Bark Road's dog-friendly 'beer'. But fret not, their doggy "beer" s actually made with a wholesome, nutritious animal broth. For those with a taste for the finer things, there's 'Pawsecco,' a healthy blend of coconut, pomegranate, and cranberry.

Dog Beers at From Park Road Per Store in West Melbourne

The store also boasts a selection of Australian Made raw and kibble dog food, alongside a variety of dehydrated treats. From quick training bites to long-lasting chews, choose from a selection including kangaroo, goat, boar, crocodile, and more.

West Melbourne Grooming Services: Pamper Your Pooch

Over at Bark Road, they've got everything a pup could need for a spa day, making it the go-to spot for West Melbourne dog grooming. From a nice wash, blow dry, and brush to make their fur super soft to trimming nails and taking care of tricky bits like sanitaries. Their grooming products are chosen with safety in mind.  They use products that are free from Parabens and SLS and are vegan-friendly. So, when dogs visit Bark Road for their grooming services, they're getting top care in the kindest way.

Caring for Pets and Planet at Bark Road

Always there with a friendly word and helpful advice. Owner Brent and his crew at Bark Road make every visit feel like catching up with mates, bringing a pet-friendly, eco-aware vibe to West Melbourne. This West Melbourne pet store is dedicated to offering modern, sustainable pet care, shining in its commitment to the environment through recyclable packaging and eco-smart choices.

Their dedication doesn't stop with the environment as they also support local non-profit animal charities. They're part of a movement towards caring for our furry friends in a way that also looks after the world we share.

Location & Visiting Bark Road

Located on the edge of Melbourne's CBD, Bark Road is a go-to West Melbourne Pet Store, situated at 118 Adderley St. Although there is no street parking directly in front of the store, you can find restricted paid street parking a little further down Adderley Street and along Rosslyn Street.