Escape to this dog-friendly cafe in Ascot Vale with your furry friend and unwind in style. With its sprawling courtyard that feels more like a rustic garden oasis than a simple dining space, Old Man DreW is a favourite for locals looking to enjoy a laid-back Melbourne dog-friendly brunch.

The café's enchanting outdoor area brings a whimsical and rustic ambience to life through one-of-a-kind decor. Savour exceptional dishes and a meticulously curated selection of wines and cocktails. The friendly staff goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable experience for you and your furry companion. 

Old Man Drew cafe in Ascot Vale

A Closer Look at the Menu at Old Man Drew

The menu at Old Man Drew is a testament to the café's commitment to quality and simplicity. Each dish tells a story of seasonal produce and skilful cooking.

The Food

Old Man Drew's menu may be concise but brimming with brunch and lunch favourites. It showcases the natural flavours of quality, locally sourced ingredients. 

Indulge in the Chilli Scramble - a tasty dish of fluffy scrambled eggs seasoned with a gentle kick of chilli, served on a robust slice of sourdough toast and accompanied by tender baby spinach. Treat yourself to a culinary experience that will leave you wanting more.

Another must-try is the Polenta Toast. This dish features golden-fried polenta with a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy centre. Topped with a savoury mushroom medley, kale, two perfectly poached eggs, Parmesan, and a rich hollandaise sauce. The combination of earthy, buttery, and tangy flavours makes it a sophisticated choice that's hard to forget.

Polenta and Mushroom breakfast at Old Man Drew

The Brioche French Toast is a dream for those with a sweet tooth. Topped with berry-infused mascarpone, decadent chocolate fudge sauce, fresh berries, and a drizzle of Canadian Maple syrup. It's a dish that balances the brioche's richness with the berries' tartness. 

The Drinks

Old Man Drew takes its beverages just as seriously as its food. The café proudly serves 5 Senses coffee, a favourite among Melbourne coffee lovers, ensuring every cup is as delightful as the meal. Alongside coffee, a wide array of teas, smoothies, and juices are selected to complement the menu and enhance your brunch experience.

Old Man Drew Coffee - Dog friendly cafe in Ascot Vale

If you're in the mood for a boozy brunch, you'll love the clever selection of cocktails available at the café. In addition to the standard mimosa, you can choose from drinks like Passionfruit Margarita or Peach Bellini to enjoy while you relax in the dog-friendly courtyard. These expertly crafted cocktails are perfect for those looking for a special weekend brunch experience. If you prefer a more traditional approach, don't worry - there's also an excellent selection of wines and beers that have been carefully chosen to complement the flavours of the menu.

The Vibe at Old Man Drew

Old Man Drew's has mastered the art of creating a serene, welcoming space that feels like a retreat from the bustling streets of Ascot Vale.

Old Man Drew's charm lies in its dog-friendly courtyard, full of vibrant flowers and greenery. The secluded dining spots let guests enjoy their meals in privacy while their pets relax by their side. The courtyard’s clever design uses dense vegetation and thematic decor to create a tranquil garden-like atmosphere despite the urban surroundings.

The courtyard's old-fashioned furniture complements the rustic aesthetic of the cafe. Thoughtfully placed seating arrangements provide intimate nooks for dining and conversation, adding to the magical feel of the space.

The staff at Old Man Drew are friendly and accommodating, elevating the dining experience. Their attentiveness and warmth turn a simple meal into a delightful experience.

Location and Visiting  Old Man Drew

This dog-friendly cafe in Ascot Vale is located on the bustling Mt Alexander Road. Old Man Drew is very popular, especially on weekends, so bookings are essential. Although street parking on Mt Alexander Road and nearby back streets can be challenging, a little extra planning for parking can enhance your visit. This vibrant location combines urban convenience with local charm, making it a perfect stop for brunch enthusiasts and dog owners.