Escape to Field Black Cafe in Northcote with your furry friend and unwind in style. Nestled on High Street, this dog-friendly cafe in Northcote is popular among locals for its laid-back Melbourne brunch vibe.

We can understand why. The friendly staff ensures a delightful experience for you and your pup by serving tasty dishes, great coffee, and covered dog-friendly courtyards.

Field Black dog-friendy cafe in Northcote

A Closer Look at the Menu at Field Black Cafe

The menu at Field Black Cafe is a testament to its commitment to quality and simplicity. It offers many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for different dietary preferences.

The Food

Field Black's menu brims with brunch and lunch favourites, showcasing the natural flavours of quality, locally sourced ingredients. Each dish tells a story of seasonal produce and skilful cooking. The menu offers quite a variety, from Melbourne brunch favourites to more unique dishes, like the Tiramisu French Toast.

One of our favourites includes the Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs—a delightful dish of scrambled eggs served with toasted Turkish bread, tasty house-made walnut butter, crispy cherry tomatoes, and harissa labneh. The dukkah, feta, chilli, and mixed herbs add layers of flavour, making it a must-try.

Field Black Mediteranianian eggs

Another standout is the Mushroom Mélange, featuring a blend of seasonal mushrooms cooked in various ways, served on thick-cut toast with pesto, shredded bocconcini, crispy kale, a crumbed egg, and salsa verde. The earthy, tangy flavours and crunchy textures make this a sophisticated choice that's hard to forget.

Field Black Mushroom eggs

The Drinks

Field Black Cafe takes its beverages seriously, proudly serving Inglewood Coffee, a favourite among Melbourne coffee lovers. Alongside coffee, the cafe offers a wide array of teas, matcha and turmeric lattes, smoothies, juices, and milkshakes. Fully licensed, the cafe also provides a selection of brunch cocktails, perfect for a cheeky Sunday boozy brunch.

Field Black coffee

The Vibe at Field Black Cafe

Field Black Cafe has mastered the art of creating a welcoming space that feels like a retreat from the bustling streets of Northcote.

The dog-friendly courtyards, topped with vibrant flowers and greenery, add to its charm. The narrow covered courtyards are suitable for one to two people with their dog, leading out to another area that can cater to around ten people. Although the covered areas protect from rain, they can get a little cold on winter mornings, so dress warmly. The thoughtful design and thematic decor create a tranquil atmosphere despite the urban surroundings.

The staff at Field Black Cafe are friendly and accommodating, elevating the dining experience. Their attentiveness and warmth turn a simple meal into a delightful outing.

Location and Visiting Field Black Cafe

This dog-friendly cafe in Northcote is situated on the bustling High Street. Field Black Cafe is particularly popular on weekends. Street parking is available, making it convenient for a visit. If you plan to visit with your dog on colder mornings, dress warmly. While the seating areas are covered, they would be more comfortable if they were heated.