Every now and then, you come across a spot that's just right for those emergency rinses or a quick post-adventure cleanup. Enter: Soak City DIY Dog Wash in Mordialloc, a no-fuss, straightforward solution for those mud-drenched moments or the impromptu romps in the rain.

Operating 24/7, Soak City offers two separate bays that come in handy, especially for those who believe in ‘the more, the merrier’ when it comes to dogs. The setup might remind you of a DIY car wash, but don't be fooled - it's got all the canine-centric amenities. Plus, being undercover means your pup can enjoy a bath without the extra sprinkle of rain.

The payment system is a cinch. Whether you're a coin, cash, or card person, Soak City has got you covered. And with a straightforward pricing model - $10 for a 10-minute wash - you know exactly what you’re getting.

Soak City DIY Dog Wash bay at Mordialloc

Now, is it a luxurious spa day for your furball? Probably not. But it's a solid, reliable spot that comes to the rescue when you're in a pinch. Ideal for the tradies in the area, especially if your furry mate's been your co-worker for the day, this DIY dog wash is as practical as it gets.


Nestled right at the confluence of Braeside, Dingley Village, and Moorabbin, Soak City's prime position in Mordialloc's industrial heartland is hard to miss. Plus, if you or your doggo have a penchant for planes, its proximity to Moorabbin airport gives you the added bonus of some casual plane spotting. Just imagine giving your pooch a scrub while watching planes take off - it’s a sightseeing cleanse!

Soak City is a quick and convenient DIY Dog Grooming option for the locals and working folks in the area. So, if you're in the vicinity and need to rinse off the dog, you know where to swing by.