Alright, fellow dog parents, raise your paws if you've ever wanted a quick, convenient, and efficient place to wash your fur baby after a fun-filled day out. Okay, I can't see your hands, but I bet they're up! Enter: Pit Stop Wash N Go DIY Dog Wash, the convenient DIY dog grooming station for your dog.

Open around the clock, this DIY dog wash boasts two spacious bays, ensuring that even if you’re making a spontaneous pit stop, there's a good chance you’ll get a spot. The best part? It's snuggled right next to a DIY car wash. So, while Rover gets a rinse, so can your ride! It’s undercover, so come rain or shine, your furball gets the pampering they deserve. And with both coin and card options, payments are as breezy as that post-wash fur fluff.

DIY Dog wash, dual Bay, at the Pit Stop Car Wash in Chelsea Heights

Now, let's chat about Bob, the ever-charming manager. Not only is he a fountain of helpful tips and tricks for a successful doggy spa day, but he also plays the role of the official treat-dispenser. If he's around, expect your dog to leave with a wagging tail and maybe a bonus snack. To say Bob is the cherry on top would be an understatement; he's the entire sundae!


Nestled in the heart of Chelsea Heights, Pit Stop Wash N Go is strategically positioned just off the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. Had a splashy day at the dog beaches in Mornington Peninsula? This is your perfect pit stop on the way home. Plus, its proximity to Amaroo Drive Reserve Dog Off Leash Area and Chelsea beach makes it a no-brainer for those days when your dog decides to channel their inner mud-lover.

So, the next time you’re looking to transform your mucky pup into a pristine pet, you know where to head. Remember, a clean dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a thrilled dog parent. It's simple doggy math!