We've all had those moments. You're out and about with your fluffy friend, maybe after a delightful play in the mud or a frolic in a puddle, and you think, "If only there was a convenient spot nearby to wash off this delightful mess.” Enter: Ezy Bay Wash for convenient DIY dog grooming needs . It’s where your muddy pup and your dusty ride can both get a wash.

Open 24/7, Ezy Bay Wash stands ready to greet you, no matter when the washing urge strikes. With two distinct bays, there's ample space for the dirtiest of dogs and cars. While it might not be the highlight of the town, its functionality and ease of use make it a handy tool in any dog owner's arsenal.

Designed thoughtfully, the DIY dog wash is nestled discreetly in the back corner of the lot, providing a tad more privacy for your pup's pamper session. The undercover setting ensures that neither drizzles nor the scorching sun can disrupt your cleaning spree. As for payments? They've got you covered, accepting coin, cash, and card—because nothing should stand between your dog and cleanliness.


Strategically positioned near the lively locale of Highett, Ezy Bay Wash also nudges the borders of Cheltenham. This makes it an easy-access point for the local communities of both suburbs.

So, the next time you find yourself in a pinch (or a muddy situation) near Highett or Cheltenham, and need a quick solution, remember Ezy Bay Wash. It's all about the easy, breezy, and not-too-squeezy washing experience!