Located in the car park of the Soapbar Laundromat, the Dooba Organic DIY Dog Wash in Brunswick West offers a unique combination of convenience and natural grooming solutions for your dog. This single bay dog wash facility, while simple in its setup, provides an accessible option for pet owners in the area.

At $13 for a 10-minute wash, Dooba is slightly more expensive than the average Melbourne DIY dog wash. However, what sets Dooba apart is its commitment to using all-natural and organic ingredients in its grooming products, adding significant value to the service provided. The facility has some cover, though not fully enclosed, so it's more suitable in fair weather.

The standout feature of Dooba is undoubtedly its dog shampoo and conditioner, which include:

  • Coconut Oil-Based Shampoo with Chamomile and Lavender: Tailored for a gentle yet effective clean, these ingredients are kind to your dog’s skin and coat.
  • pH Balanced for Dogs: For compatibility with your dog’s natural skin and coat conditions.
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals: The products are SLS & SLES free, palm oil-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free, making them a safer choice for your pet.
  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable: In line with environmentally responsible practices.
  • Australian Made: Supporting local industry and sustainability.

The cashless payment system adds to the convenience, allowing for an easy and quick washing experience. Dooba Organic DIY Dog Wash in Brunswick West, therefore, stands out not just for its handy location but also for its dedication to offering a natural and skin-friendly washing option for dogs.

Dooba DIY organic dog wash Brunswick West

Location And Visiting Dooba Organic DIY Dog Wash in Brunswick West

Located at the corner of Grantham & Heller Street, Dooba Organic DIY Dog Wash sits in the Soapbar Laundromat carpark in West Brunswick. The convenience of onsite parking makes it easy for dog owners to access the facilities. Open from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm every day of the week.