In the relaxed yet lively St Kilda suburb, the Veg Out St Kilda Farmers’ Market stands as a meeting point for community and fresh, local produce, set against the vibrant bayside suburb. Every first Saturday of the month, this VFMA-accredited market, transforms into a hub where locals and visitors alike can connect over their love for food and community. It’s been doing so for over two decades, and the charm hasn’t faded one bit, making it a standout dog-friendly event in Melbourne.

A Celebration of Local Produce

Upon arrival, visitors are immediately greeted by a remarkable variety of stalls. Each stall proudly showcases the best of Victoria’s produce, featuring crisp vegetables, juicy fruits, ethically produced meats, and free-range eggs, all representing the pinnacle of seasonal and sustainable harvests. You'll also find a selection of artisanal goods like hand-pressed olive oils, natural honeys, and boutique wines, each telling the story of Victoria's diverse terroir. And let's not forget the homemade biscuits, jams, chutneys, and cheeses, crafted with care and ready to delight your palate.

Sustainability and Community Spirit: The Heart of St Kilda's Dog-Friendly Market

Veg Out St Kilda is more than a dog-friendly market. It's a beacon of sustainability and community spirit. The market encourages shoppers to use reusable bags and containers. This reflects our shared commitment to the planet. The market serves as a lively gathering place. Here, locals and visitors enjoy coffee, savour meals, and engage in warm conversations. These interactions knit the community fabric tighter.

A Melbourne Dog Friendly Event

Our furry friends are warmly welcomed at Veg Out St Kilda, making it a great dog-friendly event in Melbourne for pet owners to enjoy a perfect weekend outing.

Dog-Friendly Features:

  • Leashed Dogs Welcome: Dogs must be on a leash. This ensures a safe and pleasurable visit for all at this Melbourne dog-friendly event.
  • Off-Leash Area: Situated next to the market, Peanut Farm off-leash area provides the perfect adventure for dogs. Dogs can run and play freely, offering a complete and joyful experience for all before diving into the market's wonders.
  • Dog Treats Stall: My Pet Treats offer a delightful selection of treats for dogs, catering to four-legged visitors.

The Veg Out St Kilda Farmers’ Market celebrates the simple joys of community, offering a unique chance every month to support local farmers, explore truly delightful food, and enjoy dog-friendly activities in St Kilda.

Dog at dog-friendly market in St Kilda

Experience the joy of community at the Veg Out St Kilda Farmers’ Market. This monthly event celebrates local farmers, fresh food, and family-friendly fun—including your dog! It's a perfect example of Melbourne's vibrant community spirit and commitment to sustainable living. Join us to connect, discover, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.