The Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers is a vibrant celebration unfolding in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. It blends floral beauty, family entertainment, and artistic flair. This dog-friendly event welcomes visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families looking for fun and engaging activities during the autumn school holidays. The festival's stunning natural setting provides a perfect backdrop for the myriad attractions that await.

Central to the KaBloom experience is the breathtaking spectacle of millions of flowers spread across five acres. These blooms create a riot of colour and fragrance, providing a feast for the senses and a sniffing playground for our four-legged friends. Visitors can immerse themselves in the splendour of nature, surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the Dandenong Ranges.

Kids engaging with fairy at Kabloom Flower Festival

Paws and Petals: A Dog-Friendly Event

This dog-friendly event welcomes all dogs on leads, ensuring they can experience family fun. Water stations around the grounds ensure our four-legged friends stay hydrated and happy as they explore the floral wonders with their families.

Remember to bring doggy bags. Cleaning up after your pooch is essential to keeping the gardens pristine for all visitors. By maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the venue, everyone, on two legs or four, can fully enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours and activities the KaBloom Festival offers.

Family Fun and Activities

There's endless family fun at the Tesselaar KaBloom Festival. Kids will be captivated by circus performers, enchanted by fairy storytelling, and thrilled with Easter treasure hunts. They can also challenge themselves in garden games and an obstacle course. Meanwhile, adults can revel in the beauty of the vast array of flowers and even take a piece of the experience home from the nursery shop and flower market.

The Enchanted Circus: Where Flowers and Acrobatics Meet

Step right up to witness the Bespoke Flower Circus, an enchanting spectacle where the realm of flora meets the thrill of the circus. Visitors are greeted by flower fairies, sprites, and pixies emerging from the enchanted woods to bring delight and wonder. Partnering with Circus Oz, the event features a cast of sensational circus artists performing breathtaking, daredevil acts.

Acrobatics at Kabloom Tesselaar flower festivalc

For those seeking more, circus side shows are the way to go. Every moment is crafted to amaze and astonish, from tightrope walking over delicate flowers to slack rope stunts, hula hoops that will make your head spin and hand-balancing acts that defy gravity.

Workshops hosted by Ruccis Circus invite you to step into the shoes of a circus superstar. They offer a hands-on experience to learn and master new circus skills. Be sure to check the schedule to take advantage of the action.

Fairy Tales and Bubble Magic: A Garden of Wonders

On the farm, there's a magical spot known as the fairy garden, where stories and nature intertwine. Home to a community of fairies drawn by the beauty of the blooms, it hosts Teague, a storyteller with a deep love for fairy tales. She shares stories of fairy folklore with eager children, keeping the tradition alive.

Kabloom fairy tales

The garden is also where bubbles float through the air, creating a dreamlike scene. During school holidays, the enchantment grows with the addition of drumming sessions from Kofi Kunkpe Drumming and Full Circle Drumming, bringing lively beats to the serene setting. Check the schedule to experience the joy of storytelling, bubbles, and music in this enchanting fairy garden.

Family Fun & Games

Whether you fancy a strategic game of giant chess or Jenga or feel competitive for a round of totem tennis and naughts and crosses, there's something to engage every age. The outdoor obstacle course promises fun and healthy competition. For a mix of fun and exploration, the flower crate Meadow Maze invites everyone to lose themselves in its twists and turns.

Kabloom family fund and kids activities

Adding a splash of creativity to the festivities, Melbourne's top face-painting artists are on-site every day, ready to transform visitors into anything from superheroes to fairy princesses. For those looking to get hands-on, Creative Faire offers craft workshops with activities designed for kids, families, and adults alike. It's a perfect opportunity to create memories and masterpieces to take home.

The Easter Long Weekend features a fun-filled rabbit hunt. Participants follow clues to find hidden rabbits around the farm, a quirky twist on the traditional egg hunt.

Shopping and Food at KaBloom

At the Tesselaar KaBloom Festival, visitors find a delightful array of shopping options. The Nursery Shop brims with spring flowering bulbs, while the Fairy Shop offers magical treasures that spark the imagination. The Lolly Shop offers an irresistible collection of treats for those with a sweet tooth. The Souvenir Shop and Flower Market provide everything from themed gifts to stunning bunches of locally grown flowers. It’s the ideal spot to find something special for yourself or as a gift.

Strolling through the festival is bound to work up an appetite. With a diverse selection of food from around the world, there's no shortage of options to satisfy any craving. Catering to various dietary preferences, the food stalls at KaBloom offer a chance to refuel and relax.

Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers

Location and Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom Festival

Children 16 and under can enjoy the event free of charge. 

Tesselaar Flower Farm is situated around 60 minutes from Melbourne via a scenic drive through the Dandenong Ranges. Ample parking is available, including free off-street parking for cars and designated spaces for up to 15 buses.