In search of the perfect hangout for you and your four-legged friend? Discover the Farm Road Reserve Fenced Dog Park. Think of it as the "baguette" of dog parks—stretching 350 metres, covering 16,000 sq meters, and packed with delightful moments for every pup. The off-leash park, snugly flanked by neighbouring properties, offers a serene green sanctuary. With three secure entrances, your lively fur baby can roam without wandering off.

Tree lined pathway at Farm Road Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Farm Road Reserve isn't just a hit with individual pet owners; it's also a hotspot for professional dog walkers. It’s the ultimate doggie social club, filled with playmates at every corner. And for the humans? Warm smiles and friendly conversations abound.

Its straight design invites peaceful walks, showcasing a medley of shrubs and trees for sensory enjoyment. For dog parents, this lush greenery also ensures ample shade on sunny days.

Dogs Playing at Farm Road Reserve Fenced Dog Park

The park hasn’t forgotten the essentials. Refresh your dog after their frolics with the available water station and keep the area pristine for other park-goers with regulary topped up dog bag station.

Park Facilities

When it comes to amenities, Farm Road Reserve ticks all the right boxes. A doggie bag station is available and cleverly equipped with QR codes to let the City of Kingston know when a refill is in order. No more unpleasant surprises on your walk!  Thirsty pups have access to a fresh water station, ensuring they stay hydrated.

Bag Station at Farm Road Reserve Fenced Dog Park where you can notify on top ups.

History & Culture

Before it became a haven for four-legged residents, this land was cherished by the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation. They are the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this serene patch of greenery. As we let our pets roam and play, it's essential to pay homage and respect to the rich cultural history and the deep connection the Bunurong People have with this land.


Situated in the delightful south-east suburb of Cheltenham, the dog park offers three accessible entrances: Farm Road, Centre Dandenong Road, and a tranquil side street. If you're coming from Centre Dandenong Road, locate the entrance near the Arcare aged care centre—a brief 150-metre trail guides you to the park. Ample street parking is available around all entrances, particularly during the lively afternoons and vibrant weekends.