Every so often, we stumble upon places that echo a tranquil sense of simplicity. Armstrongs Reserve Dog Off-Leash Area in Seaford is one such spot. Picture a stretch of land, narrow yet generous in space, offering approximately 20,000 sqm of pure canine joy. Shielded almost protectively by the fenced houses, this park offers an atmosphere of seclusion and freedom, even though the entrances aren't fenced.

The park's design is a curious blend of elongated grace, framed naturally by the fenced-off homes. While this gives it a sense of enclosure, do be mindful of the unfenced entrances – especially if your furball is a fan of impromptu escapades.

Nature shows off its finest handywork here. Pleanty of trees and shrubs just waiting for a furry friend to sniff, explore, and perhaps, leave a cheeky mark or two.

Navigating Armstrongs is a stroll down its linear path. And while your furry friend might pull you towards every bush and twig, there's a playground that mandates a leash. Let's just say, it's the park's way of adding a touch of civilized manners amidst all the wild fun!

Park Facilities

True to its no-frills charm, Armstrongs Reserve may not boast a plethora of facilities, but it has got the essentials down. A walking track awaits those who love their brisk morning or evening walks. As for our furry friends, they’re not forgotten – with dog bag stations and water stations strategically placed. And if an al fresco meal strikes your fancy, there are picnic tables scattered around, just waiting to host you and your snacks.

Bag Station at Armstrongs Reserve, Seaford

History & Culture

Every step taken in the park echoes the rich cultural tapestry of the land. The traditional custodians, the Boon Wurrung (Bunurong) people of the Kulin nation, have a long-standing bond with this region. Their legacy serves as a poignant reminder of the land's historical and cultural significance.


Nestled in the cozy corners of Melbourne's southeast suburb, Seaford's Armstrongs Reserve enjoys a strategic location. It’s a stone's throw away from the small strip of shops at Railway Parade. Seeking entrances? Look no further than Railway Parade and Newton Street. However, parking is a tad limited. Your best bet would be the restricted parking spots near the preschool on Newton St or the shopping strip on Clovelly Parade.

One minor thing, though – the park does share its borders with a school. So, while mornings and afternoons might see an influx of youthful energy, it just adds to the park's lively ambiance.