Dedicated to promoting holistic health for your pets, The Pet Grocer is an upscale haven for pet parents seeking premium, natural and additive-free pet food and treats. Located in the heart of South Melbourne, this specialist pet grocer is known for its high-quality range, albeit at premium prices. But if you prioritise feeding your furry friend top-tier quality food, the cost might well be justified.

Offering Your Pet Premium Quality Dog Food and Nutritious Choices

The Pet Grocer offers a broad variety of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and Prey Model Raw (PMR) options for both dogs and cats. Their extensive selection encompasses a wide range of meats, including beef, buffalo, chicken, duck, fish, emu, kangaroo, and venison. Most of their options incorporate a balanced mix of ground bone for calcium and organ meat for added nutritional value, formulated to cater to diverse pet needs such as digestion, skin health, and dental hygiene.

However, while raw meat can be an integral part of a pet's diet, it's important to remember that dogs may benefit from a more varied menu. Incorporating fresh vegetables and supplements can further boost your pet's health and wellbeing. At The Pet Grocer, they also supply a wide array of such natural supplements and purees that you can add to your dog's food. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to discuss your pet's unique dietary needs and help you tailor a balanced and nutritious diet plan.

Inside the Pet Gorcer Store, South Melbourne

In addition to their raw food range, The Pet Grocer boasts a comprehensive array of natural treats. Whether you're looking for long-lasting treats like cow hoofs and deer antlers to keep your dog engaged, or training treats such as freeze-dried chicken and beef heart, you'll find an impressive variety here. They also stock specialized soaps and oils for specific conditions like dog anxiety and sensitive skin.

A large range of treats avaialbe at The Pet Gorcer in South

You can shop online with the convenience of refrigerated delivery within Victoria. Note, though, that their in-store range is more extensive.

Dog Food for Your Dogs Needs

The benefits of raw feeding extend beyond satiating your pet's hunger. They can contribute to cleaner teeth, healthier skin and coat, reduced inflammation, a calmer temperament, a stable digestive system, and a stronger immune system. However, it's highly recommended to consult with your veterinarian when considering a BARF diet, Prey Model Raw (PMR), or the use of natural oils. Every dog has unique nutritional needs, and professional guidance can ensure you're meeting those effectively.


The Pet Grocer is conveniently located in South Melbourne, with ample ticket parking available in the area. The nearby Tram 12 stop on Clarendon Street is just a short 50-meter walk away. Check the Yarra Trams website for details . You can even take your dog for a pleasant stroll to the Eastern Reserve Dog Park, a mere 10-minute walk from the store, before rewarding them with some tasty, healthy treats.