Attention Husky owners! Gear up for an exhilarating Saturday with your majestic companion. Set your sights on Saturday, May 18th, and come along to the Doghouse Cafe for an exclusive Husky meetup. It’s the perfect chance for your spirited pooch to play, socialise, and meet other Huskies while you unwind and connect with fellow Husky aficionados.

The venue offers comfortable booths and a relaxed atmosphere in the cool, shaded outdoor area of Doghouse Cafe. It’s a secure, enclosed space where your Husky can let loose and frolic freely. Meanwhile, owners can bond, share experiences, and exchange tips in a welcoming environment.

Book Your Husky in Today!

For just $10 per entry, your Husky will enjoy an exciting morning, including a tasty Pupcake and a refreshing Dogachino.

Book now at Doghouse Cafe and prepare for a day to remember with your Husky and new friends!