Attention bichon frise owners! Prepare for a delightful Sunday with your fluffy companion! Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 23rd, and join the Doghouse Cafe for a special Bichon Frise meetup. This dog-friendly event is the perfect opportunity for your cheerful pup to play, socialise, and make new furry friends while you relax and connect with fellow Bichon Frise lovers.

The meetup will take place in the shaded outdoor area of Doghouse Cafe, which offers comfortable booths and a relaxed atmosphere. It's a secure, enclosed space where your Bichon Frise can enjoy themselves and roam freely. While the dogs are having a fantastic time, owners can gather, share experiences, and exchange tips in a friendly environment.

Dog-Friendly Event Details:

  • Date and time: Sunday, June 23rd, 11am to 1pm
  • Location: 195 Johnston St, Collingwood, VIC 3066
  • Price: $10

For just $10 per entry, your Bichon Frise will have a wonderful morning, complete with a tasty pupcake and a delicious dogachino.

Book your spot at Doghouse Cafe now, and look forward to a memorable day with your Bichon Frise and new friends!