Imagine spending a relaxing Sunday soaking up Melbourne's local creativity. The District's dog-friendly market invites you and your furry friend to join a community that celebrates the best of local art, craft, fashion, and more, on the last Sunday of every month. Here, the focus is on enjoyment and discovery in an open, welcoming environment where everyone—including your four-legged companion.

A Dog-Friendly Market of Art, Craft, and Creativity

As you wonder through the open-air laneways, each stall offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Melbourne's creative spirit. From handcrafted jewellery and fashionable homewares to delicious homemade treats and fresh produce, there's something to catch every eye and palate. And for the dog lovers, the market doesn't disappoint. You'll find an stalls dedicated to pampering your pet as well. With tasty treats, stylish accessories, and outfits that ensure they're the most spoilt dog around.

The day isn't just about shopping; it's an experience. Grab a coffee, enjoy the live entertainment. Let the vibrant atmosphere of The District's art and craft market fill your Sunday with joy. This event isn't just a market; it's a place where art, community, and pet-friendly living come together in Melbourne's Docklands, offering a slice of city life that's hard to find anywhere else.