Want to learn more about your dog? Check out the "Dogs in the Park" workshop, a free event by Hobsons Bay City Council and The Lost Dogs Home. It's all about helping you and your dog learn together.

At this workshop, you'll get tips on understanding what your dog is trying to tell you, how to teach them in a friendly way, and some basic skills like coming back when called and walking nicely on a leash. The trainers from The Lost Dogs’ Home will also show you how to understand what your dog is trying to say and give you fun ideas for playing with them at home.

What You'll Learn at the Workshop

Here's a quick peek at what the "Dogs in the Park" workshop will cover:

  • Understanding Your Dog: Learn to read your dog's body language. Discover what it means when they wag their tail, perk up their ears, or avoid eye contact.
  • Positive Reinforcement Training: It's all about rewarding them for a job well done.
  • Teaching Key Skills: Learn how to make your dog come when called and walk calmly on a leash.
  • Play and Enrichment Ideas: Keep your dog entertained with fun games and activities you can do at home. Great for their mental and physical health.

This workshop is designed to make life with your dog even more enjoyable, offering practical advice and fun activities. Perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their bond with their pet.

Attending Dog's in the Park

Bookings are essential for those interested in joining the free 'Dogs in the Park' event. Given its popularity among dog owners, securing a spot early is wise, as spaces are known to fill quickly. The event offers an exceptional opportunity for dogs and their owners to engage in learning within a friendly and supportive environment.